Baby CJ is here!!!


This handsome guy joined the family at the end of August. It has been way fun to have a little baby in the home again. He is a awesome and has a strong pair of lungs when he's hungry. He has already grown a couple inches and put on at least a couple pounds. We love him a ton and Gage has been great with him so far. 

And because I'm still obsessed with my Gager, here are some portraits of him as well. I have to admit that Greg and I are in love with his curly long blond hair!

Family hike/walk on the shoreline trail to watch a storm come in.

Summer fun

This summer has been really crazy, I feel like I haven't been home and for Greg he has not been home for about 2 months now, except a few days here and there between all his field work trips, conferences and such. To make this summer more crazy we went to Alaska, too make things interesting right. Actually, what started it was Gage turning two this year. So just on principle of flying somewhere while he was still free and with a free ticket because of Greg's sky miles, we...I... just had to go somewhere. So we went and had a fantastic time. We took my little- big brother, he's like 3-4 inches taller then me ;-(  and put 1,500 miles on the rental. From Anchorage to Fairbanks to the Kenai Peninsula. I can't get enough of that place and neither can Greg and I think we hooked Gunner on it too. So here's a little video I put together about the trip. 

After that we joined Greg on a field work trip to the Tetons. Great place for Gage's 2nd b-day! We had a blast and really enjoyed the area...well, I was wishing I wasn't prego the whole time so I could really get out and explore, but oh well. Gage and I had fun while the boys were out collecting samples from the glaciers up there. I loved spending the whole week with him. Just me and him. I'm not sure how he's going to take this new little guy competing for attention. Should be interesting!

Gage's two year old bday cake/train. This kid is still obsessed with trains, trucks, and anything else that makes loud noises. We were up with my family at Flaming Gorge Reservoir . Had a good time hanging out with everyone and doing all sorts of fun things up there. Such a great place. 

Time flies when you're having fun. Can't believe he's two, talking, and running around like a crazy man! Love him so much.


March was a great month with the start of good weather and snow finally melting in our yard! We started the month by going skiing with the Nicholsons and their boys. Luckily the dads have that amazing dad strength kids talk about and towed the kids up the hill. 

The boys loved the skiing down part. Gage was all smiles and would scream in excitement every time Greg would turn. We may have a future skier on our hands.
We also took him up the alpine loop road and skied down. Again he loved it, but he loves sledding, maybe he's an adrenaline junky... oh no ;-)

The boys hanging out after we were down. Aren't they a handsome bunch!

We also went up to Wheeler Farm with the Elsmore's one Saturday. It was great to see them. We have kids the same age and they are already promised for each other ;-) 

 Gage is obsessed with tractors, trains, and big trucks. So of course he had to ride all 7 of the tractors there.

Playing trains when it was still about 30 degrees outside. That was a nice day back at the beginning of March.

Mt. Timpanogus from our front yard.

This is my handsome boy's hair. I loved it so much, but decided he needed a hair cut so it would come in a little fuller and with summer, all boys need a chop. So....

Here's the new boy! I hardly recognized him the first day or so. I love the new hair, it just makes him look so much older. Ah, they grow so fast.